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I have read and hereby accept and agree the Terms and Conditions and Important Notes.

Important Notes:

  • Either online registration or mail the completed Guarantee Registration Card to Gala Gold Hong Kong Ltd are valid, customers only have to register once.

  • This registration is valid for Trading goods purchased in Hong Kong only.

  • Please register online or mail the completed Product Warranty Registration to Gala Gold Hong Kong Ltd. WITHIN 10 DAYS from the date of purchase, otherwise it may cause delay in warranty service.

  • This Product Warranty Registration is only applicable to products purchased through Gala Gold Hong Kong Ltd.

  • Customer is required to present Product Warranty Card together with the official purchase invoice issued by the Gala Gold Hong Kong Ltd to our technician for verification when service is required, otherwise repair service will be on chargeable basis. (Please refer to Terms and Conditions for details).

  • If the product is a redeemed gift, where no invoice / receipt is presented by the customer, the Product Warranty Registration will only be valid if it bears the stamp of redemption centre and date of collection.

  • All Terms and Conditions stated are subject to change without notice. Gala Gold Hong Kong Ltd. retains final deciding authority in case of dispute.