Cleans 90 liters of air per minute (CADR 0.09 m³/min)

8000 RPM Super Power BLDC Motor

High-efficiency, high-performance BLDC motors provide rapid and powerful circulation of the vehicle’s cabin air.

What is BLDC Motor?

The brushless motor uses an electronic circuit instead of a brush that wears out the more you use it, so it is semi-permanent and produces no micro-hazardous material. And also eco-friendly BLDC motor is 10 times increase life so it has little noise, less vibration, and more than 80 percent improvement in energy efficiency.

Low noise design of 35 to 45 dB

Powerful suction but Low-noise enables quiet and comfortable use in a variety of environments.
The second hand sound 20dB
HENiR air purifier 35dB
Library noise 40dB
A quiet car noise 60dB

Performance Video

The HENiR air purifier can be cleaned in a short time by strongly inhaling contaminated air around it with the speed and power of up to 8000 RPM of the BLDC motor.