Blind Spot Information System (BSIS R151)

Model : AE-BSIS-01L

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Product Highlights

SmarBlack BSIS (Blind Spot Information System) for commercial vehicle blind spot warning system.
In recent years, “Blind Spot of driving vision” and “Difference of Radius Between Inner Wheels” often cause serious accidents. SmarBlack ActiVue® AI, the risk of accidents decreased greatly. ActiVue® AI protects VRU safety and avoid higher costs from accidents.When the vehicle is driving, BSIS AI proactive alerts to drivers “vulnerable road users” in risky situation. Vulnerable road users include pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. SmarBlack BSIS AI, leading the industry with AI and excellent algorithm technology to achieve UN R151 requirements. Integrated microwave radar technology, achieve more safer CVs R151 product. ActiVue® AI even under 15 lux at night, harsh weather and any environments, provided sound and visual signals in risk, it’s possible to avoid collisions.